Friday, July 30, 2010

Frock with Pleated Neckline

I enjoy reading the blog She is so very talented and I wanted to try to make a dress like hers that has sleeves - but loose and relaxed sleeves - and without pockets.

Here is the dress she made that also inspired me!

Lex had posted a brief tutorial on how to make a t-shirt here:
I used the inspiration from the dress she made and the t-shirt tutorial to create this dress, then smocked the waistline. (I used a dress I had as a pattern - just traced around it and added an inch all around. Next time I won't add as much around the neckline.)
The neckline came out way too big, so I ended up pleating it and I think it adds a little character to what would have been a very simple dress.
It's very lightweight
and perfect for something quick to
throw on with heels
and go out to dinner!

Here's the back view: (no zipper)

I'm going to be making a brown one next, but I want to add embroidered detailing to make the neckline more interesting. More to come...
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