Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Women's Sewing Patterns - Cowl Top sewing pattern

Above: Kelli from the blog Small Town Stitcher
(Check her out if you love to quilt!)

Women's Cowl Neck Top
sewing pattern
sizes XS-XXL

Whew! I've been very busy over here working on my Spring line of Seamingly Smitten sewing patterns! Many of you have emailed me asking when I was going to make more Women's Tops and I am so happy that you all are sewing for yourselves!! Here is one that has been pattern tested already and is in the pattern shop for sale now. I already have another Women's pattern in the works and just finished scaling the pattern pieces to size today! Tomorrow I will try to write it up and get it out to testers before the weekend.

Do you know what my testers said about this pattern? They said the fit was SPOT ON! I was THRILLED to hear this because we all come in such different shapes and sizes and it is hard to make a pattern for all those shapes. But, since this is my first KNIT sewing pattern, this top has a draped, flattering neckline and is pullover style. No buttons, no zippers, nothing hard here to sew!

This Cowl Neck Top will give you a sophisticated style when done in a graphic print or can even be as casual as you'd like. Try it in a jewel tone, bold print, chevron knit or even your basic black. You will sew this one again and again.

As always, I LOVE showing off what you all sew! So I'm leaving you all with tons of pattern tester photos today. Real women, in all shapes and sizes, in the Cowl Neck Top they made - and they are all HAPPY to show it off to you!!

Below: Made by Theresa

Below: Made by Donna P

Below: Made by Donna P

Below: Made by Joelle W.

Below: Made by Kelli

These are the ones I made and have already worn! My husband wonders why I still shop for myself if I just wear what I make, but what woman can give that up? :)
Enjoy, Ladies!! I can't wait to see what you make with this pattern!!
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