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Sew Chic Upcycling Guest Post from Strictly Homemade


Thrift it, Repurpose It, Remake it
and Wear it!

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Today's guest poster is Maridith from Strictly Homemade. She has inspired me with her sewing upcycles (like this woman's to girl's dress upcycle  and revamped a skirt for a growing girl here) and I couldn't wait to see what she came up with today. Believe me, she didn't disappoint! And if you have a sweet little baby you will LOVE this post!

Take it away, Maridith!

Hi, I am so excited to be here today! My name is Maridith (yes, it is spelled correctly) from Strictly Homemade. Over at my little blog you will read how I love to make homemade clothes, gifts, home décor and helpful tips for the average crafter on the cheap. I will be the first one to tell you I am cheap frugal and I am always trying to make the most of what I have. That is why I am thrilled to be apart of this party to show and inspire others to look at old or thrifted clothes in a new and inspiring way.
Banner 4
When I started this project I looked through a pile of old clothes my grandmother brought me from Arizona (I live in NC) and I had LOTs of ideas but nothing that really knocked my socks off. I started on one upcycle top and ended up hating it…now it is in the scrap material pile. Ladies, let me be the first to tell you not EVERYTHING works out perfectly and you should not feel bad. It happens and you should try again!! Even the most talented designers do not get 100% of their designs right the 1st time. I would even guess that only 50% of their designs ever hit the runway. Just saying.
Finally, I made a top for myself from an old turtleneck that I had planned on showing you the tutorial for. It met all of the categories repurposed, remade, and worn, but it wasn’t anything great and really not that inspiring, if you ask me (although it is really comfortable).
This is the actual shirt I made from a turtleneck…
Upcycled Shirt
Then as I felt uninspiring and discouraged I considered writing Jenny and telling her I could not meet her expectations. Then low-and-behold in the 11th hour I was inspired…
Inspirations for Cap
I had my adorable, baldhead, 6 month old, daughter sitting beside me and the turtleneck portion of shirt (already removed) on my sewing table. I put the turtleneck on her head and thought “This would make a PERFECT cap for her.” There you have it...that is how I got my idea! It wasn’t what I planned on making and showing you all…it just happened. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow~ it is easier that way!
Now to the tutorial…
Baby Cap Collage
Supplies Needed: Turtleneck collar, scissors, thread, and flower pin
How I made it.
  1. Here is a picture of the turtleneck I used planning on showing you how to make an upcycled shirt. But you get the idea. You need a turtleneck.
  2. Cut the turtleneck portion off the shirt. Cut above the seam. You do not need the manufactured seam.
  3. Find a baby cap that you love (mine is too small but I just used it for the shape) Lay turtleneck flat with the manufactured seam on the edge.
  4. Trace the shape and sew along the shape and trim.
  5. Then open up fold in half with the seams meeting in the middle. Then pin eyeball it so that the seams about the same length down. Sew from the top to the pins.
  6. Make sure you open up your seam allowance when sewing your second stitch.
  7. Turn inside out…your cap is almost complete.
To add a flower I purchased a Peel and Stick Package Trim flower from Michaels for 59 cents. I added a safety pin to the back and stuck in on the cap for a little pizzazz!
Can you believe that this cap was once a turtleneck???
Baby Cap- Cailyn
If anything I hope this tutorial/guest post helps you two ways…
1. Do not be discouraged if not everything you make turns out!! It happens. Keep the scraps and move onto the next project!
2. How to make the most ordinary item into something unexpected and SO ADORABLE!!
Thanks you so much Jenny for inviting me to participate in this great party. I would love for you all to come over to Strictly Homemade and see some other inspiring (frugal) ideas!!
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