Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Maybe I'm behind the times for this post. It seems everyone out there has turned a men's dress shirt into something. Whether they turned it into a toddler dress, a halter top or a dress for themselves, other people have done this and inspired me to try. My husband, Patrick, was in his closet the other day complaining about a stain on a collar of his dress shirt. He threw it on the floor and said, "It's ruined. I can't wear this anymore. Look at this collar. Let's donate it."
LIGHTBULB! Sewing opportunity!!
I asked if I could use it for fabric and he said sure and gave me 4 more old shirts! SIGH. I love him.
So I scoured the internet for some inspiration and came up with my own dress. It's simple, straight and with a belt I thought it was cute. So I wore it all day for Father's Day. My husband thought it was sexy. I'll go with it. :)
If you make one I recommend ironing your seams once they're sewn. I'm not a huge fan of ironing but the more I do it, the happier I am with the results.

Some awesome men's dress shirt to women's dress TUTORIALS:

What have you upcycled lately?
Share it in the comments section as a link. I'd love to see it!

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