Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sewing Class in San Antonio - Crafty Girls Workshop

Last weekend my husband and I traveled to San Antonio for a little vacation. While I was there I had the opportunity to teach a sewing class at the

As soon as I walked into this sewing studio and fabric shop I was AMAZED at everything that was there! When I arrived a young girl was getting quilting lessons from the owner, Anna Luna, herself. Anna was calm, confident and SUPER creative! It's one thing to know a craft, but another thing to take the time to share it. Anna seems to LOVE what she does and it shows in the way her customers and students smile when they make something while they are there.

Want to see what it looks like?

The Craft Girls Workshop is in an old music building near downtown San Antonio. The windows are almost floor to ceiling and wrap around the edges, making the room burst with light. It's such a lofty feel for a fabric shop it really makes you feel at home.

The counter to check out - I loved the vintage feel to all her furniture pieces.

Fabric is held in handmade shelves built by Anna's father. True love. Pretty fabric! She doesn't carry as many bolts as other quilting stores in her area, but what she carries is bold, beautiful and has some pizazz. I love that kind of fabric! It shows her personality.

Anna's favorite colors are aqua and green - a cool color combination for quilting and making baby clothes.

Quilter's Heaven

She even took the time to ruffle her cutting table. That's passion!

This is a true sewing studio. Casual, comfortable and perfect for sewing.

Some skirts Anna has made, along with some quilting blocks.

A tote bag from one of the many sewing classes she offers.

The Popover Dress by Oliver and S - she taught this class as well.

Patterns galore! Trendy, chic, definitely girly!

While I was there I taught a class on one of my sewing patterns, The Ruffled Halter Dress (above).

Those ladies surely could sew! I was so proud of them! It was interesting to see what fabric they chose, what color combination they used for the ruffle and halter strap, how perfectly they cut their fabric and how eager they were to talk about sewing. Two ladies had just started sewing 2 weeks ago and Anna taught them. They were completely hooked and ready for more!
Want to see what they made?

This is Anna (above). She owns the Crafty Girls Workshop and is incredibly sweet and crafty! She was making the halter dress for a friend's little girl. ADORABLE!

This is Avery. She was making the dress for her little girl. Bold and bright colors!!

Here's Cristina's dress she was making for her little girl. The colors are simple, sweet and summery.

This is Chelsea. She was making the dress for her little girl and the fabric she chose had cherries - so vintage yet so modern right now.

Thanks, Anna, for giving me the opportunity to sew with you all! I will definitely recommend The Crafty Girls Workshop to all my sewing friends!

Here are some pictures from when we were there.

Patrick and I riding a boat on the Riverwalk.

We also went horseback riding and rode on some trails in the woods with a ranch hand as our guide.
It was SUCH AN AMAZING TRIP!! I wish we had a sewing studio like that here. I may just have to dream about opening one.

Crafty Girls Workshop – online store and sewing and quilting studio in San Antonio, TX

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