Saturday, February 9, 2013

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Do you know what I love about making easy sewing patterns for women? I LOVE when they send me an email telling me how easy it was, how much they love their new top or yoga pants, and most of the time, they tell me it was the first thing they have EVER made for themselves! It makes my day!
I've sold over 2,000 sewing patterns the past two years and am so encouraged by the positive responses and customer feedback I get! Thank you for allowing me to grow with you and your sewing skills!! The more people I meet, the more I know that sewing is making a come-back!
Keep it up, ladies!! I LOVE hearing what you want me to make, so please email me at anytime to share your ideas!! Your feedback helps my pattern collection grow!
Email me anytime! Jenny Hall - owner/designer

Here are two NEW easy sewing patterns for Women that are in THE PATTERN SHOP and READY!
*It can't get easier than this, ladies! Scooped neck, kimono sleeves and elastic waistband. You can make this in an hour and wear it out that night! The ones below are from my pattern testers and they used cotton fabric. Check out those smiles!! I love how proud they are to wear what they made! Ladies, you look fabulous!
 Donna P. made these!

The second pattern I designed was for a knit. Don't worry if you haven't used knits before since I give loads of tips of how to work with them and even tell you what kind of needle to use. Knits are awesome because they stretch and have a nice drape to them. That's why I made this

Cowl Neck Top sewing pattern for WOMEN (sizes XS-XXL)
It flatters all sorts of body shapes and bust sizes. The draped neckline is fun and flirty and is still so easy to do! This also takes about an hour (as a Mom I know that one hour is alone to craft is pretty hard to come by sometimes, so we better make it worth it!

 Kelli (left) and Donna P's daughter (right)

Joelle W. (above)
Theresa (above)
original mock-ups I designed (above)
I wish you all new needles and fun fabric!!
Happy Sewing!
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