Friday, February 22, 2013

Want to be a Boutique Sewing Partner?

Seamingly Smitten is GROWING and needs YOU to help! So many times women will email me asking where they can get the items that are pictured instead of a sewing pattern. Not everyone knows how to sew (or has the time to sew) these chic, simple and boutique styled clothing! Well if YOU CAN SEW and OWN your own shop or small business...join my team!

Seamingly Smitten is looking for Boutique Partners! If you own Seamingly Smitten sewing patterns and sell the items made from these patterns, email me today! I am going to post an exclusive Boutique Partner list and feature it as its own page here on the blog and want YOU to join!!I will direct people to this page when they want an item. Think of this as FREE ADVERTISING for YOU! In exchange, I would love to use a picture(s) you provide as the examples in my pattern listings.

To get on the Boutique Partner list with Seamingly Smitten you need to have these qualifications:

*An Etsy shop or online shop with a feedback rating of 99-100%

*Professional quality photography (meaning crisp, clear images; close-ups and full-shots)

*Your shop listing must include in the write up that the item was made using a Seamingly Smitten sewing pattern

*Being a Boutique Partner also means you will allow me to use your photography for my pattern listing examples in my pattern shops / the shops my patterns are sold. (MORE EXPOSURE for YOUR SHOP!!)

 If I choose your picture(s) I will refer to YOUR SHOP in my ETSY pattern listing AND my instant download shop pattern listing by saying: ("Thank you to (your boutique name) for sewing this Seamingly Smitten sewing pattern and for the use of these photographs. Please check out her shop  here: ..........")

That's it!


You will be able to advertise one logo or banner on our Boutique Partner page as long as you offer Seamingly Smitten items for sale in your shop.


I average 300-400 blog hits per day / 12000 hits a month) and would LOVE to have you join our BOUTIQUE PARTNER TEAM!! Think of all the exposure your shop could GAIN!

Contact me today to join! Don't wait! Include in your email your shop name, shop website, a link to the specific item and a few awesome pics! I will contact you if you qualify and will put YOUR SHOP name in our Boutique Partner listing today!

Happy Sewing!
Jenny Hall

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