Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Knight Bedroom Makeover with Castle Canopy Play Tent

My little boy is 4 and 1/2 and has been begging for me to redo his room. He loves watching the tv show Mike The Knight and wanted his bedroom just like Mike's bedroom. Well if you have ever seen  the show Mike the Knight lives in a castle and has some practical things - like shields on his wall, play swords hanging up, a castle canopy bed and cool colors that my son likes (lots of blue and red). But, there are also some things that could never go in my son's room - like a twirling blue slide that has a real horse at the end of it - so I had to make some slight modifications. :)
I had a blast redoing his room and I did have the help of a decorator who found some shields and posters online. I can sew, but I cannot for the life of me, rearrange a room and create it from scratch! I knew my son wanted it to be knight themed, but my vision of that defnitely did not look like this, so I'm glad someone with a very creative eye helped out. The bedding is from Pottery Barn, the sheets are from Target and I saved money by using his old comforter as his duvet (it's inside the duvet cover). I had the posters cut down and framed so they were the same size. The penants were found online and I've seen them in plenty of Etsy shops. But they seem real simple to make.

I love the large knight poster! You can see it when you walk down the hallway to his room.

Here's the other knight poster - they were not a set - so we had to cut them down to frame them.
My little boy LOVES playing dress up, so I hung up some very knightly costumes, hats and swords. That horse used to neigh, but then he was dropped in the bathtub. Whoops! My little Knight learned  a lesson about toys with batteries that day! But my kids love galloping around on that horse stick and they call him Finley. He absolutely belonged in this bedroom!

This treasure chest is from Hobby Lobby. It was a great find and I got it when my little boy was going through his pirate phase last year. It's huge and holds all his dress-up clothes. If you get one, make sure to use your 40% off coupon.

I sewed this castle canopy play tent and am so happy with how it came out!! I have seen these on Land of Nod's website, but I wanted something that had a more neutral color to it, so it was easier to make my own. Hanging it was simple! I went to the hardware store, asked for a ceiling hook with an anchor, some chain, and an S hook. You just screw the ceiling hook with anchor into the ceiling. Magically, it stays! It can hold up to 80 pounds, so even if the kids tug on it, it will be okay.

He loves his new room and his castle tent!

 He is my brave young hero, just like Mike the Knight!
And he's pretty adorable in my eyes. I love this boy!!

 Ready to rescue a fair maiden!

 Sneaking in for another peek!
It was so much fun seeing this room transform into a knightly bedroom for my little boy! The tent is a hit and my little knight goes in there to read, hide, dress up, play and pretend. This Momma is happy her little boy is so happy!
Happy Sewing!

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