Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tutorial: Easter Bunny Applique Shirt

Isn't it hard finding super cute things for boys this time of year? Girl's Easter outfits, dresses and appliqued shirts are everywhere but boys seem to have fewer options. I wanted to make my son an Easter shirt that wasn't too babyish (he's 3 years old) and didn't take too long. (How much time do I really have to be crafty each day? Just naptime of course!) So here's a super quick tutorial for a simple and sweet Easter bunny shirt for boys or girls! Enjoy!

TUTORIAL: Easter Bunny Applique Shirt

1. Materials: fabric for bunny applique, heat-n-bond, iron, bunny shape and a t-shirt

 2. If you remember I made this shirt for St. Patrick's Day...but I did not sew around the edges. I simply ironed on the shape with some heat-n-bond. The shirt was worn a few times and washed about 4 times. The clover stayed on!  This shirt was made literally a day or two before St. Patrick's Day and I knew it wouldn't be worn often- that's why I didn't sew around the edges. It's a perfectly good shirt and I wanted to use it again.

** Peel off the previous applique if there is one.

3.  Lay your heat-n-bond on top of your printed bunny shape (or whatever applique shape you are using). **Make sure the paper side of the heat-n-bond is facing up.

4. Trace your shape.

5. Iron your heat-n-bond onto the BACK of the fabric you are using for your applique.
 6. Cut out your shape.
 7. Peel off the paper backing, place it on your shirt and iron in place.
 8. Sew around the edges of your applique.
1. Sew around the bunny using a wide zig-zag stitcht. Make sure you needle goes on the bunny then off the bunny with each stitch.
2. You can use a straight stitch all the way around, staying as close to the edge of the bunny as you can.
3. You can use a basting stitch all the way around if you want to remove the applique later. (Thanks to Maridith of Strictly Homemade for sharing that tip! CLICK HERE: Temporary Holiday Shirt Applique TIPS!)

 Done and ready to wear!

Have a Hopping Happy Easter! What have you all been sewing? Who is tackling your own children or grandchildren's Easter outfits? (or nieces, nephews, godchilds...etc?) If you have a link to it we'd all love to see! Leave it in the comment section!

Happy Sewing!
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