Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Dress and Applique

Tomorrow we are heading to the St. Patrick's Day parade with the kids. My husband called this morning and asked if we had a super cute dress for our daughter, Catherine. I instantly said, "Yes, a green and white polk-a-dotted one" EVEN THOUGH....drumroll wasn't made yet! I went fabric shopping two days ago for the fabric and had every intention of sewing her dress the past 2 days, but man time just flies! So this morning I whipped out this little number and I love it!

I used this Classic A-Line Dress sewing pattern - click here -  to sew the dress. But, this pattern is reversible and I only wanted one dress. To improvise it is super easy! Cut out your 2 dress pieces ( a front and a back), then cut out a bodice front and back. Hem the bodice pieces. Hem the dress pieces. Then sew the dress as the pattern says. It was finished in about 25 minutes! This afternoon I added the clover applique and I can't wait for Catherine to try it on afer her nap.

To make the applique I printed this: 

I traced it onto some heat-n-bond, ironed it onto the back of my clover fabric, cut it out, peeled off the heat-n-bond paper and ironed it onto the dress. Once you stitch all the way around the clover, you are done! 

And, since Easter is right around the corner, I will actually put an Easter applique over the clover next week. That way I won't have to make another dress - even though I do want to make a few more and add some ruffles to one, ruffled sleeves to another, buttons to another....oh the ideas!

Wish there was more time to sew each day!
Happy Sewing!
What are your sewing plans this weekend?
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