Friday, January 20, 2012

Dresses that Inspire

Do you ever want to sew something for yourself the moment you find out you are going somewhere? Not as in a dress that you are going to take weeks to sketch, plan, fabric shop, wash, prep/iron, cut and make a muslin. Who has that time? Or maybe it's because I am just so ready to have something new in my closet that I made for myself. Perhaps it's selfish sewing, but sometimes it calls my name. Tonight my husband and I are going out and I decided that I would make myself something to wear. This is no small task of course and first I had to find some inspiration. My fingers quickly typed Modcloth as soon as I found myself in the parking lot of the fabric store and these dresses stood out.

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If you know me, you know exactly why I chose these dresses. Printed fabric is like eye-candy to me! I try to shy away from the solid black dress. I'm also very petite and want something that gives my body some shape and draws in at my waist. The white one looks like a sundress and I realize we are in the middle of Winter, but the bottom of the dress caught my eye.

I'm off to sew! The fabric is washed and ready and the ideas are spinning in my mind. Check back tomorrow to see what I made!
What have you sewn lately? Do you get these creative whims and just go with it without a plan or do you take your time and really think it through?

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