Tuesday, May 3, 2011

HELP...Advice Needed...Shirt Making in Progress

The neckline is where I'm stuck...keep reading if you have some advice for me.

Any help would be awesome and appreciated!

Anthropologie Please Inspire Me (as usual)

Do you ever browse at all the eye candy at Anthropologie and become inspired? Today was one of those days. The above three are some shirts that I came across and found they have some things in common....two have cinched waists (I need that since I am petite and would love more curves), the v-neck or cowl neck (I think they're more interesting and flattering than a scoop neck) and the winged/bat sleeves. I like how the contrast of the fluttery sleeves and the cinched waist give the shirts movement but some nice fit and structure.

I'm a huge fan of print fabric. Where can I find fabric like these Anthropologie shirts pictured above?

Is there some amazing online fabric store that would simply wow me in apparel fabric?

The store in my hometown doesn't have this type of quality. But what I managed to find was a large flowery print in a stretchy material and it sat around in my fabric pile for a while until I saw these pictures today. Then it came to me....a v-neck, fluttery sleeve, cinched waist shirt :) OBVIOUSLY :)

(The top two pictures are of the shirt I'm making...black and white flowery print....)

But I'm Stuck! The fabric is very stretchy so I'm using a stretch stitch. However, should I make an interfacing/some type of lining near the neckline in the front? I don't know how to make the V neck a V neck by simply ironing and pinning.

Any hints??

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