Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Linky Party & Banned from Buying Fabric for a month!

No Restraint!

Have you ever been to the fabric store and obviously been in quite a creative mood and bought a little too much fabric? Ok, maybe a little more than just a little too much? Like 10 different prints that were all too pretty to pass up and a yard each? Well...that happened this past Sunday and when I got home and my husband saw the bag he was, what can I call it, um.....quite unhappy. :) He told me I had no restraint and I said of course I do! (obviously, wouldn't that be the right answer at that moment?) He told me he bet I couldn't buy fabric for a month and the sassy side of me came out and I said I bet I could and I will go more than a month! (What the heck was I thinking!) So my craft budget is now zero til March 15th.

Good thing I have a stockpile of fun fabric

and plenty of new ideas!

And here is a sweet little baby dress I made for a friend who is having a little girl next month. Girls always get pink but also look beautiful in blue so I came up with this baby blue halter that will bring out those baby blue eyes!

LINKY PARTY! Favorites from last week's Linky Party:

Vintage Ruffle sweet!

Office Dress - love it with the belt!

Valentine Dress - love the heart fabric!

LINKY PARTY! You've Sewed It Off now Show It Off!

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