Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Easy Sewing Pattern - Pleated Peasant Dress sewing pattern

Designing from Scratch
(Above) Mock-up of a pleated peasant dress sewing pattern
Last year I sewed this dress (pictured below) for my niece and I thought about publishing this peasant dress sewing pattern. But my list of pdf sewing patterns to create is constantly growing and evolving and this one slipped right on by for twelve months! Can you believe it?

Here is the orginal version (below):

I'm finally ready to focus on this peasant dress sewing pattern and am enjoying the process of designing it. I think drawing a design, creating the pattern pieces, sewing different versions of the dress until it is just "right" is my favorite part of designing PDF sewing patterns. Sometimes a few tweaks here and there make an entirely different dress and you never know what you might come up with by making small changes.

Funny thing is, I saved these pattern pieces for the longest time so I could recreate this dress. Well, wouldn't you know, I cleaned out my sewing studio last month and somehow they got misplaced in the shuffle of designs and I had to start from scratch. :) Just when I was ready to start, of course! :)

The only difference between the original and the mock-up version is the neckline, which needs some tweaking, since I really like the ruffled neckline look of the original peasant dress. (shown below) 

Original Versions above 
Since this sewing pattern was made from scratch based on a design that was just from the pictures above, it was a little tricky at first. It took time figuring out the armhole curves, the length and width of the pleats, the final sleeve lengths, dress lengths...etc. And if you know me, I do not like sewing a muslin version...instead I jump straight to the pretty fabric and dive right in, which obviously has had its drawbacks here and there. (Those mock-ups go to the scrap bins.)
But I am very pleased with this version of the pleated peasant dress sewing pattern shown below. My little girl did not want to model it at first, but I bribed her with my camera and then she started smiling and posing! Her little poses always make my day! Afterwards, she told me it was my turn to "be the model" and she took my pictures sitting at my sewing machine. "Look here, Momma, and say cheese!" Too funny!
We had a giggle fest in the sewing studio tonight!
Pleated trim along the sleeves and dress border
Elastic neckline  - still needs some tweaking because I want the ruffle above the elastic casing - will work on that tomorrow
Love the topstitching!
Pleats - my different take on "ruffles" for the moment!
I will keep you posted on this peasant dress sewing pattern, but I wanted to share with you all some of the steps I take when I create a pattern. It's a process I love and love sharing with all of you! Thank you for being Seamingly Smitten!
Let me know which style is your favorite!
Happy Sewing!
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