Friday, September 30, 2011

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse outfits

The Magic of Disney!

 We were holding off on going to Disney World until our little girl, Catherine, was old enough to handle it. We didn't exactly know which age that would be, but when she was watching the movie Peter Pan, saw the castle and said, "It's my castle!" my husband knew he had to take her.
It was Catherine's 2nd birthday celebration trip and our first time to fly together as a family. The kids did great on the airplane, and we had to act out the beginning of Little Einstein's to get them excited about take-off..."Pat, pat, pat....we need more power...pat, pat, pat..." Have you seen that show? TOO CUTE!
I sewed up some Mickey and Minnie shirts and tulle / tutu skirts to sport around Disney and they were so excited to all dress alike!
 Showing off their "gold" chocolate coins...which were eaten for breakfast, before naptime and bedtime of course (snuck into their tiny sweet mouths of course when we weren't looking)!

We will definitely go again one day...the magic was truly in their smiles and their spirited laughs at watching Mickey and Minnie perform on the Magic Kingdom's castle stage.
Completely priceless in a momma's eyes!


Kelli said...

So sweet!! We went to Disney when Oren was just two and he slept for part of the day! But we only live 2 hours away, and the kids are itching to go back!!!

Rebecca said...

Oh, what wonderful pictures!! You can tell they are having the time of their lives!! And the outfits are just too precious. What will you come up with next???